The appropriate type of Powered Access Equipment can make a big difference in your job’s safety. Different equipment offers unique features that can be used at every step of construction, from the beginning to the end.

Powered Access equipment is adaptable, movable, and can stabilise on a variety of surfaces and gradients. However, what’s the best access equipment for your unique project? Read on to find out…

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Access Equipment: What Are Your Height Requirements?

One of the most important considerations when choosing access equipment is choosing a machine capable of comfortably getting your workers to the height range needed to complete the job.

Our cherry pickers can reach heights of between 10m and 50m, our scissor lifts can reach heights of between 2m and 34m.

Always select equipment that will provide your personnel with the necessary height without causing instability or the risk of falling.

The access hiring provider that you opt for will be able to suggest appropriate equipment for your needs.


Does Your Construction Site Require Outreach Capabilities?

In some cases, you’ll require equipment with outreach capabilities, which refers to how far the basket may extend from the machine.

We have articulated booms & truck mounts that provide unrivalled reach, especially at lower levels where it’s most needed. The hydraulically driven outriggers give exceptional stability and a working outreach of up to 45metres.

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Are You Going To Be Using Any Tools Or Moving Equipment?

When selecting powered access equipment, keep this in mind at all times. Your tools need to be included in the weight accepted in the basket. All machines are fitted with sensors to ensure that nothing is overloaded.

Does Your Project Have Level Ground?

The sort of Powered Access Equipment you choose will be influenced by the state of the ground and its condition.

If the ground is uneven in any way, access equipment with outriggers or stabilisers is recommended Tracked Booms & Diesel scissor lifts are ideal for manoeuvring over a variety of surfaces, including rocky, muddy, or uneven terrain. The tracks & all-terrain tyres will get your employees where they need to go and some machines can withstand 30% slopes to provide a stable platform on difficult ground.


Does Your Construction Site Have Any Obstructions?

Powered Access Equipment that’s flexible enough to manoeuvre around barriers or overhead obstructions is sometimes required.

It may be necessary to manoeuvre access equipment past tiny entrances, around fixed machinery, or around storage racks.

Due to their small designs, some types of access equipment have more flexibility and manoeuvrability than others.

If you need to move around or over an obstruction while working, a cherry picker or boom lift is the ideal alternative.

A boom lift, on the other hand, would not be a viable alternative if there are overhead obstructions such as trees, steelwork, or power cables because there is a higher chance of colliding with them.


LOLER Safety Inspections

Maintaining access equipment is important for peace of mind that equipment is checked, tested and in working order.

According to the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER 1998), equipment used to lift people and cargo must be inspected every six months.

LOLER also mandates that all lifting equipment be fit for purpose, appropriate for the task, properly marked, and, in many cases, subject to statutory ‘thorough assessment’ on a regular basis.

At Rehire UK we ensure our access equipment is LOLER inspected, to ensure they’re safe to use.



Asking yourself the above questions can help you decide whether a cherry picker, scissor life, truck mount, boom lifts and tracked spider booms are right for your project.

It’s important to hire or purchase your equipment from a trusted company that ensures equipment is tested and checked thoroughly.

If you want to get in touch with an expert, contact us today.

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