Hiring a generator seems, at a glance, like a simple task. But there are many components you must consider in order to get the right generator for your project, allowing it to run as smoothly as possible.

Buying a generator outright can cost thousands. Hiring one for those few occasions it is needed a year could save you valuable resources and money that can be spent on other areas of your project.

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Is Size Important When Hiring a Generator?

It is fundamental to consider the size and power output required to power your event. Will you be needing to charge a phone or power a complicated light display?

Also acknowledging how many hours your generator will be operating per day helps to distinguish what size you will be required, and what fuel works best for your project.

Whilst power output and fuel are good to know, the physical size of a generator is yet another important factor. You need to know where you are going to situate it. Is there sufficient access and space surrounding it for cables?

Can I Place My Hired Generator Indoors?

There is no grey area here. Absolutely no. Generators can produce deadly carbon monoxide, which is odourless and colourless, putting you in serious danger without even knowing it.

It is entirely possible to cover your outdoor generator for either aesthetic or protective purposes. However, it is extremely important that you ensure there is sufficient ventilation, i.e. a whole side clear, or dangers can begin to crop up.

Will My Hired Generator Be Silent?

There is no such thing as a silent generator, only some are quieter than others. If you are requiring minimal noise for your project or event, this is important to consider beforehand.

The volume of your generator will dictate where you decide to put it, if you are conscious of the noise emitted, consider placing it away from a microphone or conversational eating areas.

If you do decide to situate your generator away from the main area, the next consideration is the distance of the cables that will be transferring power from the generator.

The further away the generator, the greater the resistance in the cables. Greater resistance reduces the voltage running through, which can result in power drops. To counter this there is, of course, the option of thicker cables, but it is important to be aware this does come at a greater cost.

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Can I Use My Hired Generator As Soon As It’s Delivered?

Whilst some generators may arrive goodto go, be aware that your generator may require a long set-up, including safety tests beforehand, to ensure it can be used on site.

Allow time to earth and route your cables, ensuring there is no threat of a trip hazard, or place sufficient hazard warnings in place to minimize the risk of injury.


Do I Need To Worry About The Regulations Around My Hired Generator?

It sounds daunting, but you must be compliant with the British Standard BS 7671 act in order to reduce the risk of shock and fire.

The act requires the events manager to supply an electronically competent member of staff to oversee the electrical system. Whilst some smaller generators have less regulation, anything that is classified as a large or complex system requires an electronically skilled professional to manage the generator.



It can feel like there are a million and one things to consider before hiring a generator, but breaking down the mammoth task into easy steps can help to make it a less daunting experience.

If you do require help on where to begin and don’t want to deal with the stress and hassle of calling a variety of supplies, offload that stress onto a team of industry experts that can get you the best deals at the best price, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Sit back and let Rehire UK do the work for you, with a combined experience of over 75 years means that we will ensure you get well-maintained, top-quality generators that are competitively priced.

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