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Companies often need to hire a generator for a wide range of reasons, including keeping their business operational, fire and power outages, managing costs or powering up equipment for a show or exhibition.

Generators provide an important role in many businesses and industries, including hospitals, medical facilities, construction sites and events.

From saving you money and guaranteed quality machinery to providing flexibility on energy output, here are our top 5 reasons why you should hire a generator.

#1 Generating Back-Up Power

There are plenty of occasions when businesses will require the use of greater power than that of normal use, such as powering machinery on construction sites or at medical services. This is when access to a generator is vital.

With a wide range of different types of generators available to hire, you will have the peace of mind that your business can remain operational in vulnerable power situations, without the need to purchase or maintain.

#2 Emergency of Temporary Power

One of the most common calls for generators is the need for temporary power. Whether your business has had a change of situation, fire or power outage, flood damage or just needs short-term temporary power, these scenarios can occur when you least expect it.

Hiring a generator is a quick and simple process that provides you with emergency power when you need it the most.

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#3 Generator Hire for Events

Due to the need for room and space, most outdoor live events are traditionally held in the middle of a field, meaning access to power is non-existent.

When you think about the list of things that need the use of power for the event to go ahead including lights, music equipment, catering facilities, etc then the need for a generator is key.

Whether it’s a festival, wedding, music concert or another type of social event, the reality is they’re not going to last longer than a couple of days, meaning hiring a generator is the cheapest and best option.

Companies can also save money on the transportation and installation of generators for short-term events as it prevents logistical expenses of keeping one, such as storage and repairs.

#4 Save Money

Hiring a generator is much cheaper compared to buying one for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re a growing business and need funds elsewhere, you can’t afford to maintain one, you only require one for an emergency or it’s not going to be used frequently, hiring a generator saves you and your business money.

#5 Guaranteed Quality

A crucial part of using and maintaining heavy-duty equipment is ensuring they’re always in good working order. By renting a generator, you won’t have to worry about the state and quality of performance on the unit you’ll rent as it will always be serviced and well maintained, meaning less downtime and hassle for your business.

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At ReHire UK we have access to an extensive fleet of generators including large generators, bunded fuel tanks and smaller generators.

Offering competitive prices, we deliver our equipment to anywhere in the UK and are always on hand for our expert knowledge and advice.

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From groundworks to powered access, tool hire to lifting equipment, generators to security, the ReHire UK network can provide anything from a paddle mixer to the largest truck mount.

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