What we know today as a ‘cherry picker’, was actually an invention born out of frustration. In 1944, Jay Eitel designed the truck-mounted aerial platform to combat the tediousness he faced when picking cherries.

Since then, cherry pickers have become a staple in the construction industry and boast a number of unique industrial uses.

Because the uses of these aerial platforms are so varied, there are several factors to consider within cherry picker hire.

In this blog, we will provide you with all the need-to-know information and questions you should ask yourself the next time you hire a cherry picker.

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Why Should I Hire A Cherry Picker?

Originally used to improve fruit picking efficiency, the mounted cherry pickers we see today are capable of a whole array of different uses.

As a mobile elevating work platform, cherry pickers allow workers to access heights that would be otherwise inaccessible and provide incredible horizontal reach, making them perfect for scenarios in which ladders and scissor lifts are not sufficient.

As cherry pickers are often mechanical, they allow ease of movement on-site and around buildings, removing the need for awkward static scaffolding.

By hiring a cherry picker, you can ensure the equipment is regularly maintained and in perfect working condition. Hiring a cherry picker also allows you to hire a trained operator alongside the equipment from the same qualified supplier.

There’s a wide range of uses for cherry pickers such as:

  • External building maintenance & repair
  • Painting & decorating
  • Roof & gutter work
  • Lighting maintenance
  • Tree maintenance and tree surgery
  • Film & TV production
  • Festivals & sporting events
  • Commercial building surveys
  • Emergency rescue services


What Type of Cherry Picker Should I Hire?

When it comes to cherry picker hire, there are two main options available to you: cherry pickers with articulated reach, and telescopic pickers that have a straight reach.

So which type of cherry picker is best for you?

Articulated Cherry Pickers: Typically, articulated cherry pickers are ideal for sites in which you have restricted access, as they offer you unparalleled flexibility and working range. Not only that, but articulated cherry pickers are more adaptable to your specific project’s needs.

Telescopic Cherry Pickers: On the other hand, telescopic cherry pickers provide you with much greater outreach, allowing you to readily access more extreme heights.


Will A Cherry Picker Be Suitable For My Site?

It is important to identify where you are going to be using the cherry picker, before hiring one. Depending on whether you will be using it inside or outside, your requirements may change.

If you are using the cherry picker outside, you will need to account for any major inclines or slopes that you may be working on, and select a powered access platform that is right for the job.

Alternatively, if you are working indoors, you will need to assess the weight and size of your cherry picker before hiring it, to ensure you will be able to manoeuvre it on site.

When using a cherry picker indoors, you also need to consider ventilation. Using an electric-powered machine will avoid the fumes that can be output by one that is powered by diesel.


Do I Need A License To Operate A Cherry Picker?

Yes with all powered access equipment you should first obtain a licence through IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) – depending on the equipment will depend on which licence you need.



Cherry picker hire can support your work on-site in a number of ways. Before hiring one, however, it’s worth considering the above points so that you choose the right equipment for the job.

Alternatively, if you still feel unsure about which cherry picker is right for you, or simply want more information, contact our team of industry experts that can get you the best deals at the best price, giving you one less thing to worry about.

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