Construction Powered Access: Top Tips Beyond Hiring
by rehireuk, April 21 2022

Hiring a powered access machine for your construction site? It’s never been simpler to get the machine you want to the construction site you’re working on, in no time at all. Selecting your powdered access machine might be straight forward…

The Best Access Equipment For Construction Projects
by rehireuk, April 12 2022

The appropriate type of Powered Access Equipment can make a big difference in your job's safety. Different equipment offers unique features that can be used at every step of construction, from the beginning to the end. Powered Access equipment is…

Reasons You Might Need To Use Plant Hire
by rehireuk, April 12 2022

If you have an upcoming project on-site, you most probably will need construction plant hire. Especially if you have a large-scale project in the pipeline. When it comes to plant equipment, for some buying new machinery is neither affordable nor…

What Exactly Is Construction Plant Hire?
by rehireuk, April 12 2022

If you're a site manager or building contractor, you'll be looking at ways to increase efficiency on-site whilst making cost savings. One way to achieve these objectives is by considering how you source your plant. Essentially, you have 2 options:…

5 Things To Avoid When Hiring Construction Plant
by rehireuk, March 17 2022

If you need to hire construction plant and equipment for your next project, whether it's an excavator, powered access, plant, or other machinery, it’s important you research beforehand. To help you in this process, here are 5 things to avoid…

Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Plant Hire Equipment
by rehireuk, January 27 2022

In the construction industry, plant hire equipment is becoming increasingly popular because of the benefits outsourcing equipment has. Why? Because spending money on plant that will only be utilised for a short time may not be the best decision. Rather…

5 Reasons To Use A Plant Hire Equipment Company
by rehireuk, December 14 2021

Plant hire is becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry. And this is because construction companies need different types of machinery to complete both large and small site operations, without the headache of having to sort plant themselves. If you…

Cherry Picker Hire: What You Need To Know
by rehireuk, December 14 2021

What we know today as a ‘cherry picker’, was actually an invention born out of frustration. In 1944, Jay Eitel designed the truck-mounted aerial platform to combat the tediousness he faced when picking cherries. Since then, cherry pickers have become…

Benefits of Hiring a Generator
by rehireuk, September 27 2021

Could your next project benefit from working with a generator hire supplier? Are you questioning whether to buy a generator or rent one? Generator hire offers you the ability to have prime or emergency power on demand, at an affordable…

Generator Hire: What Size Do I Need?
by rehireuk, September 27 2021

When it comes to generator hire – size matters. It’s important to know roughly how much power your site(s) will need in advance of choosing your generator, as you could bump into a few issues if you under- or overestimate.…

5 Tips to Prevent Generator Hire Theft
by rehireuk, September 27 2021

The sad reality is generator hire theft happens. Whilst it’s hard to predict, there are ways in which you can be prepared. Generators are often the target of theft, due to their consistently high value. They’re also usually found in…

7 Question to Ask your Generator Hire Supplier
by rehireuk, September 06 2021

Finding a generator hire supplier that fits your business can seem overwhelming. They literally hold the power to keep your projects running. With countless suppliers offering generator hire services, you can often feel spoilt for choice. Like anything though, it’s…

What You Need To Know Before Hiring a Generator
by rehireuk, August 19 2021

Hiring a generator seems, at a glance, like a simple task. But there are many components you must consider in order to get the right generator for your project, allowing it to run as smoothly as possible. Buying a generator…

4 Considerations for Generator Hire
by rehireuk, August 17 2021

So, you're considering generator hire, but looking at every website or manual can be timely and overwhelming for the untrained eye. With so many things to take into consideration when choosing the perfect generator to fit you, your project and…

Generator Hire: Petrol V Diesel.
by rehireuk, August 11 2021

Petrol or Diesel? When it comes to hiring a generator, there are enough considerations as it is. Deciding where to position it, what power output you need and ensuring easy access and ventilation is enough to keep you busy. So,…

Rehire UK: Providing Plant & Equipment Throughout The UK
by rehireuk, July 22 2021

Construction is thriving! Post pandemic the Construction Industry is beneftting from a steep curve recovery that is placing huge pressure on contractor's time to meet deadlines and get their contracts completed and that Is one reason why more and more customers are choosing to use REHIREUK for all of their Equipment rental needs.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Generator
by rehireuk, July 22 2021

Companies often need to hire a generator for a wide range of reasons, including keeping their business operational, fire and power outages, to manage costs or to power up equipment for a show or exhibition..

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