The sad reality is generator hire theft happens. Whilst it’s hard to predict, there are ways in which you can be prepared.

Generators are often the target of theft, due to their consistently high value. They’re also usually found in development sites that can hugely vary in security measures and precautions.

Due to the hefty nature of a generator, they are often transported across the site(s) on trailers, meaning if the correct precautionary measures are not put in place – they are extremely susceptible to theft.

Generator hires do come in all shapes and sizes, and naturally, the smaller variants are more often targeted. However, it is not unheard of for larger pieces of equipment to be stolen too. So it’s better to be safe than sorry.

In this blog, we will highlight some of the ways in which you can thwart the plans of those ruthless thieves – and ultimately save yourself stress and money.

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Plan Your Generator Hire Ahead – It Can Be That Simple

Before you even hire a generator or any plant machinery, have a plan in place to determine when and where you will be unloading and/or storing it. Make sure your team is prepared, as a good organisation is often all you need to prevent these painful scenarios.

These types of machines often arrive on the back of trailers. Ever heard of the term: sitting duck?

If you don’t unload your generators immediately, you are essentially leaving them in the perfect getaway vehicle.

After it’s been unloaded, ensure you have an idea of where it is going to be stored – make sure it will be in a predetermined secure location.


Generator Hire: Don’t Sit On The Fence

Invest in some fencing.

Industrial grade fencing is a huge deterrent from potential vandalism. Not only is it great for hindering theft in a practical sense, but it also makes the ideal way more complicated for them.

Ideally, you should fence in the complete perimeter of your site(s), as well as install extra fencing around your generators and/or plant machinery.

Lights, Camera, Take Action

Perhaps the most obvious solution to this issue is assessing and improving your general security measures.

By fitting floodlights throughout your site(s), you can light up otherwise vulnerable areas during the middle of the night. This will serve as a massive deterrent to thieves, who are at risk of their suspicious activities being seen – and as a result: getting caught.

To go hand-in-hand with the above, make sure you invest inappropriate amounts of CCTV for your site(s). By ensuring you are monitoring your generators and/or fuel pumps with at least one camera, you can have eyes on your site at all times.

Whilst also acting as a great deterrent, CCTV can also be used as evidence in the unfortunate event of a theft taking place – helping to make sure the thieves are prosecuted and caught.

We would advise that you consider investing in signage around the site(s), which highlights the security measures you have in place. This will often stop theft in its tracks before it even begins.

Train Your Team

Whilst you may know all your site’s security measures and procedures – is everyone on your project as clued up?

Mistakes can happen, especially when there are many individuals operating on one site. However, one of the simplest solutions to this problem is training.

Ensure that all your staff are aware of the security measures in place and equally important, make sure they are aware of the implications of a theft. It could mean loss of work for them, whilst your project is on hold – security is everyone’s responsibility.

A key thing to mention here: don’t leave keys to generators or plant machinery laying around or unattended.


Generator Hire: Think Of Your Fuel

Something that’s potentially overlooked in these scenarios; the loss of a full tank of fuel could be even more devastating. If you’re not using the generator, try not to leave expensive amounts of fuel in the machine.

You can even add to your site(s) signage, to tell potential thieves that the fuel has been removed from the generator – further deterring them from their crimes.



The repercussions of bad security can be severe. Fortunately, using these prevention methods can drastically reduce the likelihood of your site(s) being targeted by vandals.

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