So, you’re considering generator hire, but looking at every website or manual can be timely and overwhelming for the untrained eye.

With so many things to take into consideration when choosing the perfect generator to fit you, your project and your budget, it is important you know what considerations to take when making your choice.

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Consider What it is That Your Generator Will be Powering:

If you need your generator for a one-off occasion, it is vastly more cost-effective to seek out a generator hire instead of purchasing outright, and with so many options to choose from you can continue to be flexible with your choices in the future. But, this doesn’t mean that quality comes cheap.

Think of your household energy bills…!

If you do decide to purchase a generator because it suits your needs best, it is important to consider maintenance and repair fees across its lifetime too, but this may be a better fit for your needs.

Running a generator isn’t quite going to be cheap as chips, but there are some options so that you can identify a generator that is a perfect fit for you and your project, allowing you to stick within your budget.

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Consider How Much Power Your Hired Generator Will Need:

Whether you’re boiling a kettle for 2 minutes or powering industrial outdoor lighting, it is essential you know how much power you are going to need. It is often difficult and complicated for the layman to clearly identify what generator you will need to fit your power demands with little experience. So, often a reputable hire company can suggest appropriate equipment based on your usage requirements.

Will your generator be required to run all day? If so, this can cause complaints with nearby residents, and so perhaps in this case it is best to opt for a hybrid option that can run silently.

Diesel V Petrol, Consider What is Best for Your Hired Generator:

Not only are there so many different models, sizes and varying degrees of power, but you are now faced with the choice of what fuel to use. There is no right answer here, it is simply what is best suited to you and your requirements:

Generator Hire- Diesel:

  • Can be used alongside an electric generator in case of a power cut.
  • One of the least flammable fuel sources, increasing the safety of your project.
  • Generally produces more energy than other fuel sources, ideal for large facilities.
  • High durability, low maintenance and long lifespan. Their efficiency means a diesel-run generator is much cheaper than its petrol counterpart.

Generator Hire- Petrol:

  • Runs much more quietly to keep in line with construction legal guidelines.
  • Produces fewer carbon dioxide fumes, essential in sites where emission levels are of detriment.
  • Can be cheaper to run than Diesel because the fuel is cheaper, but not necessarily over a longer period.

It is important to consider fuel for generator hire is best for your budget, timescale and the environmental considerations of your project.

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Consider Where Your Hired Generator is Going to be Situated:

So, we’ve got what you’re powering, and we’ve got how you’re powering it. But, what is often overlooked is where your generator is going to be situated. This is definitely not a decision to be made on the day your generator arrives.

Most generators will need to be lifted into place, requiring not only access but room to allow for ventilation and space to be refuelled throughout the project.

If your generator is really large, proper planning permission and perhaps even project management and risk assessment will be required in order to ensure equipment is moved, positioned and set up properly and efficiently.

To add to what we realise is an increasingly complex task, your generator’s locations, emissions and noise must comply with health and safety regulations if providing power to a specific event.

For example, fuel safety, noise control and correctly routed cabling must be compliant with the rules. In this instance, whilst you can research and give it a go yourself, often asking your generator provider who has years of expertise first will increase your efficiency and allow the task at hand to be completed.


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